The Eldritch


The Eldritch are led by Marco Santos, an elf with a love of violence but a calm restraint that makes him both quiet and dangerous. Prone to bursts of tremendous violence few people dare to step on his bad side.

As a gang the Eldritch reflect their leader in many ways, stoic, deadly, and extremely violent when provoked.

You can expect most Eldritch to say nothing and simply loom ominously until such time as egregious insult is dealt or violence is perpetrated against them. Once a fight starts though, they will not stop until the grotesquery remaining is gruesome enough to serve as a warning for anyone else that might ever think to go against them.

When they perpetrate violence for their own sake they often care very little for stealth or subtlety, relying on their heavy makeup to make them anonymous.

The primary activities they are involved in is paracritter fighting rings, and extortion (most often in the form of protection rackets).

Explicitly banned since the 2040’s and considered to fall under various cruelty to animal statutes before then, Paracritter fighting is far more controlled than the mundane animal fighting of the 20th century. This is primarily because most paracritters used for fighting are dangerous enough on their own to require specialized teams to bring down in the wild. The Eldritch specialize not just in running the fights but also the acquisition of the critters themselves.

The Eldritch

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