Higher Learning

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Thaumaturgy
Harvard University
University Of Massachusetts NeoNet


The Saeder-Krupp Heavy Industries North East Manufacturing Complex
The NeoNet Arcology

The Hill
[[Cambridge & Somerville]]

The Underground
The Rox
Dorchester Barrens

Clubs, Coffehouses, Dives, and Diners


Because it will never die

Pete’s Coffee

Because i can hope


The Espresso Royale Cafe, A lovely little chain mostly local to boston.


Light is the most up, future, hoppin’ club for the college crowd around.

Le Chateau

Le Chateau is a club themed on the libertine movement in france. Poncey wigs and busty dresses are a common sight. Parts of the club are set up for a myriad of fetishes, but the majority is open tables and very good french cuisine. Rumor has it other tastes can be catered to in Le Chateau, but clearly this couldn’t happen in a club in the heart of downtown!


7/9 is a themed club in a 7 story building with 9 sub-basements. The floors are vaguely modeled after 7 heavens and 9 circles of hell. The club is a unique known entrance to the Underground


A gentleman’s club, with three quiet floors and an old money look. Modeled predominantly after mid 20th century stylings.

[[Lucky & Good]]


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