The Ghost Dogs

The Ghost dogs are pretty much the small time version of the Yakuza, with one major advantage. They accept Chinese and Korean members as well. While they don’t have the numbers, or the massive resources of full time OC or even the larger gangs. The fact that their various different members are treated equally and have the potential for leadership.

The Ghost Dogs are known most for killing people for hire, but their broad information network lets them maintain fairly safe and stable drug distribution, prostitution rings and gambling dens.

It is not uncommon for them to act as information brokers, though information they find valuable to there don


Primary Activities: Wetwork, Drugs, Prostitution, gambling

A very unusual gang in that they accept Chinese, Japanese, and Korean members. One of the few organizations where these three groups don’t kill each other. The Ghost Dogs hold honor and duty above all else.

The Ghost Dogs

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