Go Gangs

The Iron Spurs


Local Leader:

Primary Activities: Gun Running, Wet Work, Escorting Convoys

The Iron Spurs is a fairly human focused go gang. Their primary income comes from gun running, wet work, and escorting convoys.

The Horde


Local Leader:

Primary activities: Prostitution, Wetwork, Grand Theft, Gun Running, Drugs

An all ork gang with a tremendous membership, numbering somewhere between 25,000 and 40,000 members throughout the sprawl. Based in the rather rural Pennsylvania they have what they call

Street Gangs

The Ghost Dogs

Leader: Cho-Nok Kim

Primary Activities: Wetwork, Drugs, Prostitution, gambling

A very unusual gang in that they accept Chinese, Japanese, and Korean members. One of the few organizations where these three groups don’t kill each other. The Ghost Dogs hold honor and duty above all else.

The Eldritch

Leader: Marco Santos

Primary Activities: Paracritter fights, extortion

Your standard elf gang in Dia de Los Muertos Makeup. There is a strong death/horror theme with this gang, and despite being fairly restrained most of the time, they carry a decidedly “just want to watch the world burn” mentality when they are spurred to action.

The Droog


Primary Activities: Prostitution, Drugs, Extortion, Wetwork

The Droog is an all gobinoid gang primarily based in the ghettos of Dorchester. They are one of the most powerful non-OC gangs in the Boston Area, and are primarily known for being big, vicious bruisers, with a sadistic creativity that keeps the opposition out of their way. They are the defacto enforcers in the barrens (though even they treat the Barrens as a hornets nest waiting to attack something)

The Jacks of Winter

Leader: Johnathan Winters

Primary Activities: Drugs, Prostitution, Union busting, Gambling, labor racketeering, cybercrimes, political corruption

Johnathan “Jack” Winters is ambitious and eager to see himself on top of the Boston underworld. He has almost no ideological biases caring only for the consolidation of his own power, and the expansion of his crew into every aspect of Boston he can force it into. He will take humans, elves, dwarfs, trolls, and orks on in various roles, will work with the rich or the poor, and cares little for the political alignments or religious beliefs of those under him. The only thing he requires in unswerving loyalty.


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