Cosa Nostra

The Boston Families

The Morellis

The Morellis are the oldest, continually active Cosa Nostra group in Boston. Starting back in the early 20th century, and falling into relative obscurity through the 1920’s while the Gustin Gang thrived, then surging back into power from the 1930’s-the 1960’s, before being pushed back into relative obscurity by the emergence of the Winter Hill Gang. Increased FBI interest throughout the 1990’s and 2000’s led to a general lull in organized crime in the New England area. However, the Shiawase Decision in 2001 led to the possibility of using extraterritorially to evade RICOs. Eventually BMW became a member of the ICC and a deal was struck. The Patriarca family rose again, reclaiming the name of their founder and the Morellis once again had power in their hands.


Don Niccolo “laws” Morelli

Nicky Morelli is young for a don, barely 32. His unique approach to managing the family’s interests have allowed him to pull resources in ways that are not usually options to career criminals and have secured him his position. His father was a beast of a man, prone to solving problems with his fists when the option was available, but he was also possessed of a beasts cunning and held his position with brutality and being exceptionally good at getting the other guy before he got got himself. When His actions finally caught up with him the general consensus was that Nicky was far too soft to rule his father’s legacy and the position would go to Jimmy “shakes” Coretti. However, Nicky revealed assets he’d been carefully building for almost a decade and Knight Errant promptly picked up James Coretti on heavy narcotics charges and a number of murders. Through some political deals and some careful maneuvering, Nicky managed to pin Coretti with almost every major crime that knight errant was investigating the Morelli’s for over the past 20 or so years. Presented with a clean slate for the family he began the conversion of most of the members of the family to legitimate positions where they could control the same activities they did before with a great enough distance to avoid police action even without backroom deals and vote buying. The carefully crafted freedoms allowed to the members of the Morelli family gained him a number of allies and have nearly tripled the profits from when his father ruled.

underboss Vincent “V V” Vito

Vincent Vito is a well practiced and experienced underboss. Originally from the Lucchase family in New York, Nicky Morelli offered him the position of underboss after his restructuring. A Capo of some 15 years, Vito has the experience and understand of the game necessary to be both respected by the people under him, and trusted by the people above him. Similar to Nicky he tries for a very hands off approach but he is not above getting his hands dirty. He can often be found at the butcher shop he owns and works at Lucchase Meat and Cheese Imports

The O’Rilleys
The O’Rilleys are the most powerful Family in the greater Boston area,
The Muldoons

The New York Families
The Bonnano
The Carnetti
The Colombo
The Genevese
The Lucchase

The DeeCee Families
The Muellers
The Marconis

Cosa Nostra

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