Saeder-Krupp heavy industries:
Rank 1
HQ: essen Allied German States
arena: heavy industry, chemicals, finance, aerospace

Rank 2
Head:Richard Villiers
HQ: Boston, UCAS
arena: Matrix infrastructure, cyberware, electronics, software, biotech, aerospace, small arms
NeoNET has facilities set up in Boston it plans to use to knock SK out of the NA matrix game. If successful they will then immediately turn these facilities on Europe and see if they can’t start taking the European marketshare from SK.

Mitsuhama Computer Technologies:
rank 3
Head:Toshiro Mitsuhama
HQ: Kyoto, Japanese Imperial State
arena: computers, robotics, heavy industry, magical goods
Mitsuhama pushing for Boston Blue, a combination security and GOD force. For the most part they are looking for demonstrations and opportunities to show the capability of BB. The goal is to have on hand, independent, high risk contractors in the Boston area to guard high risk targets without involving BMP or corporate security.

rank 4
Head:Flavia de la Rosa
HQ:Tenochtitlan, Aztlan
arena: Just about everything

Renraku Computer Systems
rank 5
Head: Inazo Aneki (honorary)
HQ: Chiba, Japanese Imperial State
arena: datastores, information, red samurai mercenaries, asia local grids

Evo Corporation
rank 6
Head:Yuri Shibanokuji
HQ: Vladivostok, Russia
arena: bioware, cybernetics, anti-aging, Mars base, metahumanity

Ares Macrotechnology
rank 7
Head:Damien Knight
HQ:Detroit, UCAS
arena: Law Enforcement, Military hardware and arms, aerospace (5 habitats), entertainment, automotive

Shiawase Corporation
rank 8
Head:Korin Yamana
HQ:Osaka, Japanese Imperial State
arena: nuclear power, environmental engineering, biotech, heavy industry, technical service, minerals, military goods, many others.

Wuxing Incorporated
rank 9
Head: Wu Lung-wei
HQ: Hong Kong, Free Enterprise Enclave
arena: finance, shipping concerns, magical services and goods, agriculture, engineering, consumer goods, chemicals.

Horizon Group
rank 10
Head:Gary Cline
HQ: Los Angeles, PCC
arena: Media, Advertising, entertainment, social networking, consumer goods and services, real estate and development, pharmaceuticals.


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