Heart & Soul

NEMA's Fixer to the stars


Heart & Soul is a female elf, approximately 5’5". She often comes off as college aged though she is in truth much older.

A social adept meetings with her often go smoothly, regardless of any surprises parties may have planned for them.


Heart & Soul is far older than she appears to be, but digging into her history earlier than 2064 is pretty much impossible. Most information on her was wiped out during Crash 2.0, or at least it was made to look that way.

In the late 2060’s, clearly leveraging years of making contacts in the shadowy parts of the world, H&S started assembling a network well known for being able to get anything someone wanted for a fairly steep price. She was less than subtle in expressing the truly elite nature of her client base and began buying stakes in a number of the exclusive clubs across the sprawl.

Now she’s known as the fixer to the stars, and while much of her work seems like concierge fair (Some punk trid-star wants a barghast, or some viral stuntman wants escort to do a jump onto the Aztlan Pyramid), she takes on plenty of serious jobs as well, often extractions.

If you are taking a job from Heart & Soul, there are 3 things you can be fairly sure of. 1.) Any meeting she’s at is going to go far smoother than anyone anticipated. 2.) the runners are going to be well compensated (though this is often because the task is less than simple) and 3.) Whatever the run is, you are going to brush shoulders with some very powerful people, whether you realize it at the time or not.

Heart & Soul

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